No One is Perfect

Posted on 12. May, 2010 by drpeters in Uncategorized

An anthropologist and I had a discussion about the evolution of the human body.  Turns out that as humans, we have only been upright (anthropologically-speaking) for a very short time.  This means to me that we really haven’t worked the kinks out.  In other words, whether or not you do everything right for your body (stretch, work out, etc), we are all susceptible to gravity and its forces on our bodies.  Hence, we are all prone to aches, pains, and degeneration of the joints and spine (especially the low back, hips, neck, and knees – problems I see all the time!).  I suppose we each then have a choice to fight this fact by doing things to promote a healthy body, reduce problems, and feel better OR do nothing and suffer.  I am here to help those that want to fight.

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