Wus SUP?

Posted on 03. Sep, 2011 by drpeters in Uncategorized

I’ve gotten the Stand Up Paddling (SUP for short) bug. I got it so badly that we will now carry Stride SUPs in our office!  The following is from the Stride website:

Stride stand up paddleboards offer freedom of movement and a platform for using the board for whatever you can imagine.  While some boards in the market place excel at surfing waves, the Stride Airlite series excels at inland waterways and versatility which make them great for families who want to get out on the water.
As we all know kids want to be free to move around and that is where the “freedom of use” with the Stride Airlite, Airlite HD, Airlite Angler, and Airlite HD Angler make them perfect for  families who love the water.
Key Points That Make The Airlite Series Great For Families:
1) Durability- While most Stand Up Paddleboards are fragile the Stride Airlite boards are made of the same really durable material that is found in whitewater rafts. In fact, the Airlite HD is double-layered for safety and durability!
2) Light Weight- The Stride Airlite is a 19lb board, which makes it the lightest weight board in the world for it size.  Typically light weight means very fragile but that is not the case.  The Airlite can take a hit from a rock, hammer, and probably a car and be just fine.
3) High Capacity- Most boards can bairly carry one paddler in flatwater.  The Stride Airlite series can easily carry two.  The Airlite is almost 6 inches thick for the entire length.  This makes is about twice the volume of a surf style composite board of the same length.
4) Versatility- The Airlite series by Stride can be paddled as Stand Up Paddleboard, a one person kayak with a accessory kayak seat and paddle, as a fishing SUP with the Stride Angler package, and a fishing kayak with the angler package and accessory kayak seat. 
5) Freedom of Movement- Being able to move around the board with sitting, standing, one person, two person, and go fishing is what makes the Airlite series great for adults and for kids and pets.  With most kayaks the paddler is confined to one area with which to sit.  We all know that kids and pets do not do well when confined to one area or one position.  Kids like to move around and play with toys and so do dogs.  This is what makes the Airlite series that much better for the family.  The high volume board can support kids and dogs playing and moving around from tip to tail.

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