Pilates and Chiropractic

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Pilates and Chiropractic care are a winning combination!
I recently immersed myself in a workshop through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) that focused on applying the Pilates method with modifications that complimented research on hip and low back and neck stability. Basically, this group used research to help formulate an incredible program of exercises that focused on the most primary of our body’s core muscles of the low back and neck. I had taken Pilates before and thought I new what it was about: core strength and balance. However, the exercise the APPI have developed forces one to go even deeper and engage the deepest of the core muscles without compensating or “cheating”. This makes the exercises incredibly challenging. The most important fact I felt would make the biggest impact in my practice was this: Once a person experiences neck pain and back pain then these primary muscles may shut off and stop working efficiently. The outer core muscles take over, and then are susceptible to over use, chronic tension, trigger points and eventually pain. Another point is that the muscles that “shut off” then require conscious thought to engage again, i.e. you actually have to think about using them before they work correctly again! I have begun using these foundational exercises and the APPI evaluation in helping my clients move past pain-relief to active care using these clinical Pilates gems.

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08. Oct, 2012

I wanted to add that our combination of the Chiropractic Adjustment and NIMMO TriggerPoint Release is essential to any Yoga or Pilates program for 3 Reasons:
1) Restores movement to stuck joints. People can “stretch around” locked up areas creating problems in other areas (compensations).
2) Resets the nerve pathway from nerve system to muscle. Stuck joints can cause “glitches” in how the muscles work.
3) Releases “gunk and junk” in muscles/fascia. Trigger points and Fascial problems can create pain and inflammation.

Strength and flexibility are necessary for the best results when doing any Yoga or Pilates class. So, get Adjusted!

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