Beach Bound!

Posted on 14. Aug, 2009 by drpeters in Uncategorized

I love the beach. My family is going for a week to the coast for some family beach fun. One of my favorite things to do is walking barefoot in the sand. In the beginning it actually hurts because the bones in my foot haven’t moved around like they should have been since my last walk in the sand. You see the 50 plus bones in the foot are designed to move. Walking constantly on flat surfaces doesn’t allow this to occur, so we get scar tissue and adhesions in some places of the foot and stretch out other parts of the foot too much (progressive loss of arches). This can then progress to foot problems (bunions), ankle problems, knee problems, and low back/hip problems. By the time I have to come back to the city, my feet feel awesome. This is one reason why I love wearing my custom-made orthotics until the next time I head off to the beach. Hopefully soon before it gets cold again…

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