Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez!

Posted on 31. Mar, 2013 by drpeters in Uncategorized

Eater Sunday 2013 is also Cesar Chavez’s birthday. The Californian farm-worker-human-rights activist suffered from low back pain. After the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the continued stressors of the struggle for humanity-based policies, Cesar was hospitalized for twenty days with severe low back pain and suffered for months with no known cause. Dr. Janet Travell, MD, who treated President JF Kennedy’s back pain successfully, visited with Cesar. She discovered that one leg was longer than the other, on side of his pelvis was smaller, and he had a “transitional vertebra” (I have one too!). Dr Travell found that he compensated as a result of these imbalances and muscle spasms developed which gradually became constant (i.e. “Trigger Points”). She treated him successfully with manual techniques and prescribed specific exercises.
I personally would have loved hanging out with these two awesome progressive-thinking folks!

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