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The history of Acupuncture in the USA is fairly recent. The initial “discovery” by the American public in general centered around events surrounding the World Ping Pong Championships of 1971. Prior to that, it was primarily known only to Asian groups and several hundred Chiropractors.
The first official Acupuncture program offered in the U.S. was sponsored by Columbia College of Chiropractic and presented by Dr. Richard Yennie, DC (Chiropractor). In 1973, Dr’s Pennell and Heuser, both Chiropractors, published The “How to” Seminar of Acupuncture for Physicians one of the first books on Acupuncture published in North America.

Today, there is growing confusion about Acupuncture and its various styles. “Dry Needling” for example, is not acupuncture per se as it has evolved out of trigger point injection studies (The injection syringes, “needles”, used consisted of one group using medication and the other control group not using any medication, aka “dry needles”. Both found to have positive impact on trigger point relief). In fact, in Classical Acupuncture there has been a protocol for thousands of years that already consisted of using needles on “ha shi” points which are associated with trigger points. The bottom line is that the body doesn’t care what a treatment is called. The body will utilize any opportunity to regain balance and promote healing when given a chance.

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