Processed Americans

Posted on 09. Nov, 2009 by drpeters in Uncategorized

When the Recession news first began hitting the media, my first thought was “Good. Maybe we will take a closer look at our spending habits and our diets”. I had figured that we would do a lot less spending and more cooking at home. However, a recent article in the Charlotte Observer Money Wise section (D) on November 8, 2009, This recession looks fat on us, reported that recent surveys found that American’s are turning more to cheaper processed food items. My feeling is that we are working more and looking to spend less. Groceries are expensive. Real food is expensive and access to real food via supermarkets makes them even more expensive. I look forward to the day when we can have CONVENIENT access to fresh, wholesome, real food without going to a retail outlet (the supermarket). The more farmer’s markets the better. Please support your local market by going at least twice a month and tell them how grateful you are for their availability. Our health and our waist lines count on it.

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