#1 Pet Peeve

Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by drpeters in Uncategorized

I know its the season to be grateful and all that (see previous post), however I feel the need to vent today. I have heard three people this past week tell me that they told their friends about our office and wanted them to come here. The response has been “I went to a Chiropractor already and I had a bad experience”. I got to admit that this has to be my Top Pet Peeve! This is the same type of reasoning as getting a bad haircut and never getting a haircut again, or eating a bad meal at a restaurant and never going out to eat again! Their is no difference if you just fill in the blanks. What’s worse is that this is their well being and health.

Encourage your friends and family to try us. If they say the above Pet Peeve you can call them out on it and blame it on me.

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