Career Highlights

Providing quality Chiropractic Care comes with some fun and exciting opportunities working with top athletes and entertainers. Here is a quick list:

Charlotte Roller Girls Roller Derby – Team Chiropractor (present)
Team Kinema (Race Across America 2012) – Team Chiropractor
Urban Ministry Homeless Soccer Team – Team Chiropractor 2005
Core AutoSports Racing – Team Chiropractor

Black Crowes (USA)
Buju Banton (Jamaica)
Pointer Sisters (USA)
Morgan Heritage Reggae band (Jamaica)
Ringling Bros Circus (USA)
Taking Back Sunday (USA)

Homeland (TV Series) – Some Actors/Crew
Hunger Games – Some Crew


“I can feel my atoms” – Buju Banton, Internationally acclaimed reggae singer, after his adjustment at Dr. Peters’ office.

“This shit better work” - patient while getting an elbow to a trigger point in his gluteus maximus.

“You gave me the best adjustment I ever had, and I felt so good I met my future wife about an hour after” – A guy adjusted by Dr. Peters at Lake Eden Arts Festival that recounted his experience after a couple years of being married to the same girl :)

“Son of an ankle biting monkey!” – a patient while receiving fascial release

“He’s ‘pay-outta-pocket-good” – a patient overheard talking to another prospective client in office hallway

“You hate white people” – a patient to Dr Peters while getting Nimmo Trigger Point Release to his left shoulder. “Nah, I’m an equal opportunity person” replied Dr. Peters ;)

“I was cupped by Dr. Peters” - A patient said his wife made a funny face when he explained what he did at our office one day (He was referring to getting a Dry Cupping Session for his stubborn low back pain)