Dr. Tony Peters differentiates his practice from many other area offices through the array of holistic services offered.  Each client comes to us for different reasons:  pain, stress, injury, or the best possible case – PREVENTION.  Rest assured, every person on our team will work with you to achieve your goals.  While we enjoy our clients, it’s not our long-term goal to see them all too frequently.  In fact, many of our clients maintain a wellness regiment of just one visit every 4 to 6 weeks for prevention, maintenance and optimizing performance.

It’s also important to know that Dr. Tony Peters makes the appropriate referrals to specializing professionals when necessary to ensure the best care for his clients.


Chiropractic Adjustments   – Gentle and/or High Velocity joint manipulation

Chiropractic BodyWork (*Nimmo Trigger Point Release and Fascial Manipulation)


Corrective Exercise

Energizing 10-Day Detox Program

Muscle and Power Taping: Kinesiotaping (Application and Sales)


Let’s get to the point:  Approximately 80% of pain is related to a muscle and connective tissue problem“.  -  Dr Tony Peters, DC

“Muscle is an orphan organ.  No medical specialty claims it.  As a consequence, no medical specialty is concerned with promoting funded research into the muscular causes of pain,  and medical students and physical therapists rarely receive adequate primary training in how to recognize and treat myofascial trigger points.”

— David G. Simons, MD pioneer in myofascial pain and trigger points and aerospace physician (

Nimmo addresses trigger points (or knots) directly with gentle, but firm pressure.  The primary goal being pain relief.  Secondary goals include the break up of adhesions, restoring proper blood flow, reducing inflammation, and restoring proper nerve flow.

Imagine a bunch of rubber bands stuck together.  This is what happens when muscle fibers (which should be running parallel to each other, much like the fibers on a paintbrush) become tight and glued together by scar tissue (or adhesions).  Symptoms results from the chronic inflammation that irritates and stresses out involved nerves in the area.  Chronic trigger points result in predictable patterns of stiffness, pain, numbness and tingling.  Symptoms can even mimic serious conditions, e.g. disc herniation, sciatica, pinched nerves, chest pain, and migraines.

Dr Peters has more than 15 years of experience working with trigger points and connective tissue (fascia).  He has observed over the years that approximately 80% of his clients see him with symptoms directly related to trigger points and/or a fascial problem which have gone undiagnosed/treated by other health practitioners. How they got there, is a different story!  Trigger points and fascial problems can be the result of stress (See the 3 T’s). For example, they can occur as a result of structural problems “Trauma”, physical stress, poor posture) and/or nerve and spine conditions (e.g vertebral subluxations and joint misalignments).

Why not see if your condition is trigger point or connective tissue related first?

If you have said or heard someone say the following, then its probably related to a Trigger Point or Fascial Problem:

“Growing pains”

“I pulled something”

“I have a catch”

“I got a Charlie Horse”

“I got a crick in my neck”

“It cramps while I ______”

“It hurts when I _______”

“It tingles”

“It goes numb”