The Restorative Chiropractic Bodywork Series

The Restorative Chiropractic Bodywork Series (RCBS) is a collective series of 6 (six) therapeutic bodywork sessions based on Dr. Tony Peters’ 20 years of study and clinical experience working hands-on with the human body to relieve pain and optimize body movement.

What makes the RCBS Series stand apart from other body work procedures is the focus on the nervous system. The nervous system is the conduit for Life Energy, without it there is no life, no movement.

In RCBS, movement = life!

Many body movements and organ system functions are coordinated and controlled by the body’s nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves).  The Chiropractic emphasis on the healthy movement and function of the 24 spinal vertebrae and its intimate relationship with the 31 pairs of spinal nerves, the skull (the brain) and the “tailbone” (sacrum/coccyx) serves as the focal point for the application of corrective treatments (“Spinal Adjustments”).  In Chiropractic Theory – ‘clean’, uninterrupted, normal movement of spinal units results in ‘clean’, uninterrupted normal transmission of nerve impulses.  Inflamed, malfunctioning spinal units result in altered nerve transmission.  Applying precise, corrective manual adjustments can restore normal function to the spine – the main protective and supportive structure of the nervous system. Not only does the act of “adjusting” have a physical aspect, it also has a very important and unique neural component too.   Chiropractic adjustments have the ability to “reset” the nervous system.  The result is that the body can then function in a normal, balanced way at the physical and organ system levels from the inside-out.

Dr. Peters’ applies corrective, manual Chiropractic Adjustments to the spine and joints of the limbs during the process of RCBS when needed.  The ability to analyze and detect, subtle (and obvious) joint restriction resulting in ‘nerve interference’ is key to creating an environment for the body to receive and integrate bodywork at the corrective level.  Stuck joints control how surrounding tissue behaves via the nerve system (e.g. proprioceptors).  Not until a spinal unit or a joint anywhere in the body is moving freely will the muscles work optimally.  Dr. Peters’ ability to detect, correct and restore the mobility of the body’s joints affecting nerve acuity and perception during the application of a bodywork session makes it most unique among other body work therapies. Because the muscles, connective tissue and joints are addressed together during RCBS, they are being corrected together, which makes for better, longer lasting results.

Yet, Restorative Chiropractic Bodywork Series goes further.  Dr. Peters’ study and clinical experience in manual therapies addressing muscle and connective tissue problems has cultivated his unique outlook and approach to Chiropractic and body work.   RCBS is based on the awareness that the body is not only controlled and coordinated by the transmission of nerve impulses via the spinal cord and nerves.  Although Dr. Peters is a Doctor of Chiropractic, he understands the interplay between connective tissue (the multidimensional fascial matrix) and its surrounding muscles and organs which it helps regulate. Healthy motility (movement) of connective tissue is an equally important part of promoting optimal body function/movement and health.  RCSI sessions address the problems with this in mind.

Restoring motility to the fascial network surrounding the body’s muscle, bone, and organ tissue is another key component of RCBS.  Using the anatomical findings and studies of lead researchers in fascial dissection, Dr. Peters directs his focus on releasing and restoring movement and gliding along the 6 (six) main myofascial units in the body. The ability of the soft tissue, muscles, bones, and connective tissue to move unrestricted (“glide”) amongst their immediate and distal environment is important for their function.  The Restorative Chiropractic Bodywork Series aims for this and also approaches the body with the understanding that one area of the body that may be affected (but not symptomatic) can have a far-reaching affect somewhere else in the body.

RCBS’s unique approach may be used for the following:

  • Pain Syndromes
  • Sports Performance
  • Pre – Surgical Planning
  • Post Traumatic Disorders
  • Post Surgical Interventions

In addition to the Chiropractic and manual therapies provided, Dr. Peters may utilize instruments, Acupuncture, muscle taping, and/or corrective exercises to support treatments.  A nutrient-dense, whole food diet (an possible supplementation) has been found to assist in healing and recovery during the duration of the Series.

6 (Six) Individual Sessions

Best completed within one week to two weeks from each other.

FEE:  $159.00 each session, or ask about our special prepay discount package.

For best results: Hydrate.  Eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

Post-treatment: Rest, move (stretch, yoga)