List of Services

Chiropractic BodyWork: Dr. Tony is a formally trained Chiropractor skilled extensively in manual therapies.  Treatment sessions most frequently include specific adjustments of the spine and joints, but also manipulation of the soft tissue (Nimmo Myofascial Release and Stecco Fascial Manipulation).  A bodyworker that happens to also be a board certified Chiropractor, Dr. Peters offers a unique approach to handling symptoms but also in enhancing performance. He continues to update himself on literature relating to the field of physical medicine to ensure expedient care for his patients.  However, his philosophy is less about ‘flash’ and more about the application of whole-body care and principals, i.e. RESULTS!

Appointments Available:

- ONE HOUR Chiropractic BodyWork Session (Incorporates chiropractic care, manual therapies, and may include acupuncture, cupping, muscle energy techniques) Typically good for established clients requiring additional attention for a flare up, new injury, and/or multiple problem areas.

- 30 MINUTE Chiropractic BodyWork Session- For established clients. Same as above, however typically limited to management of a chronic condition and/or maintenance/preventative care.

– Acupuncture: Dr. Tony Peters is Board Certified in Chinese Energetic Acupuncture, a naturalistic, philosophical technique based on thousands of years of recorded observation of the five elements found in nature – earth, fire, wood, metal, water.  Acupuncture can be used to optimize the function of internal organs and their processes (e.g. the stomach and digestion, the lungs and breathing,  the kidneys and elimination) based on the Chinese the five element principles.  However, Dr. Peters’ extensive study and experience with connective tissue (fascia) also guides him in the application of needles to treat muscle, nerve and fascial problems, thereby uniquely combining these two approaches.  Most commonly, people seek his care for stress relief, pre and post surgical care, injury healing, pain management, and as part of a thorough wellness regimen.

Also, offering…

Energizing 10-Day Detox:  This program helps cleanse the body while providing critical nutritional support.  Upon completion, clients report increased energy, improved digestion, weight loss and clearer thinking.  It is the ultimate jump-start to a life-long health and wellness program.  Removing toxins (poisons) from the body will greatly enhance your quality of living and life.

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