Our Practice

Stress, thought to be the number one cause of illness in the world, comes in three major forms: physical, emotional, and environmental.  Dr. Tony Peters refers to them as the 3 T’s: Trauma (physical stress), Thoughts (emotional stress), and Toxins (biological/environmental stressors).  Unfortunately our bodies do not distinguish between the three.  The internal and physiological reactions are the same, but the intensities and the expressions – the symptoms – vary from person to person.

To become resilient to daily stress, it is important to help the body maintain optimal balance.  Within the practice, there is a focus on the essential and basic elements to proper physiological function.  It is Dr. Tony’s belief that you must build resiliency before you can create optimal health and performance, cure disease, or heal effectively.  One must start at the most basic and fundamental aspects first – such as wholesome nutrition, healthy nerve communication, and unrestricted movement.  Dr. Peters consults his clients on these needs on a regular basis.

Each clients’ symptoms and responses are different.  As a result, Dr. Tony takes a personalized approach to treatment.  Clients find a unique mix of offerings, allowing for more multifaceted care.  Through progressive Chiropractic, Manual Therapy (Nimmo Myofascial Release Technique/Stecco Fascial Manipulation), Acupuncture, Detoxification (Energizing 10 Day Detox), Nutrition, and Corrective Exercise clients can progress towards a lifetime of optimal balance and function.

Additionally, while Dr. Tony’s care is holistic, treatment is advocated beyond their walls. His number one priority is to make sure his clients receive the best, most appropriate care possible.

Dr Peters uses the following in his unique approach to care:

- Intuition

- Logic

- Reasoning

- Traditional Wisdom

- Science

More about the office:

* Affordable Fees for Time-of-Service Payments

* NO Pre-Paid Plans

* NO Mandatory X-Rays

* NO Gimmicks

* Same Day Care

* NO High Pressure Sales