Dr Tony Peters is PaddleFIT (TM) Certified, American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certified, and an active member of the World Paddle Association. He enjoys being on the water for leisure but also enjoys participating in Stand Up PaddleBoard (SUP) racing. He trains for local and coastal events, and has competed in 5K to 50K races. Although he’s not the fastest paddler, 10 years of paddling have given him great insight into the biomechanics of SUP.

“The saddest thing for me to hear is that someone stopped getting on the water because of pain. It is my passion to help these people get out there again…” – Dr. Peters

Stand Up Paddling offers a FUN fitness alternative with great overall body benefits:

- Strength – Cardio
- Balance – Posture
- Endurance – Core Strength

SUP BODY: Performance, Pain Management, and Prevention

Move Faster with your Coach.
Move Stronger with your Trainer.
Move Better with Dr. Peters.

Let’s face it, if you love paddleboarding and are routinely on the water, the repetitive movements associated with training on land and water and routinely being on the paddleboard for leisure or racing can eventually cause muscle, connective tissue, and/or joint problems.   Dr. Tony Peters, Sports Chiropractor and Certified PaddleFIT Instructor, can evaluate, diagnose, and treat the body for maximum movement efficiency – providing relief, helping to reduce the risk of injuries while also enhancing performance .  Pain-free, unrestricted ranges-of-motion in specific body zones (Hips, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Neck, Knees, Feet, Hands) are a must for body balance, prevention of injuries, optimal performance and strength.   Detecting and removing issues affecting efficient movement will enhance your training, performance and recovery.

This session is great for the competitive paddler and the weekend warrior.
Evaluation performed on land and/or water.

90 min $299.

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